About PMC:

Professional Medical Corporation (PMC) is a strong network of over 460 dedicated independent physicians who have teamed together to benefit together from pay-for-performance programs, health plan contracting, technology, process improvement and performance improvement resources. PMC serves as a vehicle for physicians to be part of a larger, clinically-integrated organization working together on health care opportunities. PMC’s mission is to encourage improvements in the quality and efficiency of patient care by engaging in opportunities which recognize and reward health care providers for performance excellence. PMC physicians have access to a variety of tools to improve their practice efficiency, such as Lean process improvement, Patient-Centered Medical Home and technologies such as e-prescribing and patient registries. 

PMC is a strong and effective physician organization and has successfully aided more than 74 of its member practices in achieving Patient-Centered Medical Home designation. Additionally, physicians have seen financial success in many of their health plans contracts, as well as the successful implementation of new technologies which improve efficiency and position practices for success in the ever-changing health care marketplace. 

Our Mission:

To advance the health of our community through the delivery of high-quality, innovative, and high value patient care. 

Our Values:



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